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As part of Grilla Grills’ content marketing strategy, we produce recipe videos using their pellet grills. 

Grilla Grills Recipe Videos
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Grilla Grills offers wood pellet, smoker grills and ceramic grills. As an online based retailer, Grilla Grills relies heavily on social media marketing and video production. 

Project Objective 

Part of Grilla Grills’ ongoing content marketing strategy is recipe videos. Recipe videos are a great way to introduce new people to their products. We choose common grilling recipes, and grill them on their smokers. These how to recipe videos are meant to be easy to follow, and can be cooked regardless if you own a Grilla Grills product. Recipes are produced in video format, and then used on the website and social media.

Video Production

Video production of how to recipe videos can take place on-site or at a rented location. We used Grilla Grill’s location and lit the location for the videos. A production schedule was created, accommodating for the differences in cook times. 

Social Media Marketing

These how to videos are optimized for each social network.  Each video and post links back to Grilla Grills main website, where users can print the recipe. 

Watch How To Videos

Reverse Seared Steak Recipe Explainer Thumbnail
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Ribeye Steak Recipe Video

Reverse seared is the best way to cook a steak. Shane Draper shows us how in thisvideo. 

Smoked Jerky Explainer Recipe Thumbnail
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Smoked Jerky Recipe Video

Jerky may seem complicated to make, but it’s actually very easy. Grilla Grills breaks it down in an easy to follow video. 

How To Slice Jerky
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How To Slice Jerky

Supplemental recipe content on the specifics of slicing jerky. 

No Wrap Ribs Recipe Video Production Thumbnail
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No Wrap Ribs How To

Hands down, the easiest and tastiest way to do ribs. This No Wrap Ribs recipe shows you how. 

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Hasselback Chicken How To

A different take on traditional chicken breast, this recipe can be adapted very easily. 

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