Leverage video marketing for your dealer network, website, and tradeshow program.

Video Marketing For Manufacturers

Manufacturing marketing is a key component of expanding your business. Video marketing can show the capabilities of your manufacturing facility and give your dealer network the support they need to sell your products. 

We utilize digital marketing strategies in combination with video production to effectively communicate your marketing message.

Manufacturing Marketing Objectives

The first step in all of our projects is setting clear objectives. Whether it’s sales, recruitment, or communications – we’ll design a strategy targeted at your goals. Some common manufacturing marketing objectives are:

  • Show how a product delivers a solution.
  • Explain a manufacturing process.
  • Establish a quality reputation.
  • Announce new services and updates.
  • Provide support for your dealer network.

Manufacturing Video Production

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Fremont Street Las Vegas Manufacturing Video

As part of a full-service campaign, we produced videos for Watchfire showing the manufacturing of the new Viva Vision LED canopy. View our Fremont Street Las Vegas case study.

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Closed Loop Recycling Manufacturing Process

Petoskey Plastics operates a recycling program for businesses that reduces their carbon footprint. We boiled down how the program works in an animated explainer video

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Factory Tour / Manufacturing Capabilities

We can create factory tour videos to send to potential customers. We created a 7 minute factory tour video for OMT-Veyhl. View the shorter, public introduction video.

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Manufacturing Service Overview

Looking to market a specific manufacturing service? Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool leverages video to market their niche precision machining services. 

Video Marketing For Your Business

Capture Video + Marketing is a creative marketing agency that specializes in video marketing. We’re based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, serving clients locally and throughout the US.


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