Explainer Video Production

Explain your company’s product and services with motion graphics and animation. 

Watch Rob Explain Explainer Videos 

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos describe your company, products, or services. Explainer videos are designed to be easily understandable by your audience, and are typically are created using motion graphics and animation. When done correctly, it’s one of the best ways to communicate with a potential customer.



As a Grand Rapids video production agency, we help your business stand out from your competition with actionable marketing videos. 

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When should I use an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos typically reside on a homepage or a campaign landing page. Businesses that use explainer videos will see increased conversion rates, better engagement rates, and a shorter sales cycle.


Explainer videos can be a perfect replacement to those boring training videos you had to sit through during the on boarding process. Have a software demo? Explainer animation is perfect for that! 

Watch Our Explainer Videos

Software Explainer Video Grand Rapids
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Software Demo

This software demo video shows Watchfire’s customers the operation and benefits of their LED video scoreboard program. 

Product Explainer Video Production
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Pellet Grill in 60 Seconds

To better educate their audience, Grilla Grills had us produce a video that explains what a pellet grill is. This video helps differentiate pellet grills from gas and charcoal grills.

Petoskey Plastics Recycled Products Animated Explainer Video
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Recycled Plastic Products

Petoskey Plastics recycles over 32 million pounds of plastic film year. This explainer video shows how they take post consumer plastic and use it to create new products. 

Manufacture Explain Video Thumbnail
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Closed Loop Recycling 

Petoskey Plastics operates a recylcing program for businesses that reduces their carbon footprint. We boiled down how the program works in a fun explainer video. 

Alpha Smoke Explainer Video Thumbnail
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Product Explainer Animation

Grilla Grills launched a new controller for their pellet grills. We produced videos showing how the controller works. Used for social media and paid advertising.  

Tradeshow Explainer Video Thumbnail
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Fremont Street Las Vegas Canopy Video

As part of a full-service campaign, we produced content for Watchfire’s trade show marketing program. Video included on-screen text for the lack of sound in trade show environments.  

How do We Create Explainer Videos?

Every project starts with us getting to know you. We’ll learn about your business, and align with your goals. When producing videos, we make sure they reflect your brand’s voice, strategy, and long-term goals. 


Every video is strategically scripted and storyboarded. We often spend the most time in pre-production, carefully planning out the project,. We’re a Grand Rapids video production agency, working with clients locally and across the U.S. 

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