Company Overview Videos

We’ll capture your brand in a company overview video.

Rob explains our process for company overview videos.

What is a Company Overview Video?

A company overivew video is any video that explains what your business does. They can be short or long, and have many uses in your marketing strategy. Business overview videos can come in many styles, including voiceover, customer testimonials, and traditional video production.


As a Grand Rapids video production agency, we help your business stand out from your competition with a memorable company overview video.

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When Should I Use a Company Overview Video?

Typically a company overview video is the first asset in a video package. Intended to be a broad overview of your company, it can be used in a variety of marketing strategies, without needing to create niche advertisements or videos. 


Small businesses will find great value in a overview video. It’s an extremely effective way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Additionally, they can be split up into separate, shorter content marketing videos for targeted advertising.  

Watch Our Overview Videos

Grilla Grills Company Overview Video Mark Graham Speaking
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eCommerce Company Overview

What makes Grilla Grills different than big box retailers? This company overview video gives customers the 101 on Grilla Grills. Used in social media marketing and paid advertising. 

Machining Manufacturing Company Overview
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Manufacturing Company Overview

Prosper-Tech Machine and Tool is a small business utilizing video in their marketing strategy. This overview video gives their clients an inside look at the business. 

Petoskey Plastics 50th Documentary Thumbnail
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50th Anniversary – Mini Documentary

Petoskey Plastics celebrated their 50th year as a company. We produced a documentary that tells their story. Created with archival images and video interviews. 

Grilla Grills in 60 Seconds Thumbnail
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Grilla Grills in 60 Seconds

Only have 60 seconds? This advertisement gives customers a quick profile on who Grilla Grills is. Perfect to run for Facebook advertising and YouTube advertisements. 

How Do We Create Overview Videos?

Every project starts with us getting to know you. We’ll learn about your business, and align with your goals. When producing videos, we make sure they reflect your brand’s voice, strategy, and long-term goals. 


A company overview video can typically be made in one production day. Although larger businesses should accommodate additional days to capture the full extent of their business. We’re a Grand Rapids video production agency, working with clients locally and across the U.S. 

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