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Every Wednesday night, I meet at Striders in Grandville for a weekly group run. A few years ago, I started frequenting the group runs and since then have made some really great friends. I’ve had the opportunity to train together for several races and have shared some awesome moments along the way. 


By the end of March, Striders was forced to close to the public due to coronavirus. Unfortunately, that meant our group runs had to be put on hold too. While I completely expected this to happen and glad it did for the safety of others, a shakeup in routine can always be a bummer.


Nearly every business is now feeling this shakeup. Businesses are being forced to adapt by implementing new cleaning procedures, adjusted hours, and new employee policies. Adapting to these changes can be hard and communicating these changes to your customers can be even harder. 

Recently, Michigan has relaxed some of these restrictions, now allowing Striders to open with curbside pickup. While our group runs are still on hold for the time being, I figured I’d use this opportunity to help out a local business that has given so much back to me. 


We produced a short video that gives customers an overview of how Striders is adapting to the coronavirus situation. Not only does this video tell customers that Striders is back open for business, but more importantly it shows them how they can feel safe ordering a new pair of running shoes.


We were honored to help out Striders and support a long standing community icon. While it’s a bit of adjustment filming and lugging equipment around with a mask on, it was certainly welcome due to the lapse we have had in filming recently. 

Striders Grandville Curbside Pickup

We Can Help

If your business is looking to use video marketing to get the word out, please reach out to us. Email us at, or call us at 616-930-2222 with any questions you may have.


We can produce videos remotely or create a video on-site at your location, implementing strict social distancing policies. 


Capture Video + Marketing is a Grand Rapids video production company and digital marketing agency. We specialize in video marketing for businesses. We’re based in West Michigan, serving clients locally and throughout the US.

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